Full Certified CPA Services:

In accordance with Law No. 3568, AND YEMİNLİ MALİ MÜŞAVİRLİK VE BAĞIMSIZ DENETİM analyzes the financial structure of the companies subject to the Corporate Tax Law and the enterprises and undertakings of the real persons subject to the Income Tax Law, with its experts and Certified Public Accountants, who has Certification Authority. It presents the most effective tax structure and with the regular auditing of this structure, it certifies the end of period financial statements and declerations within the scope of Full Certification.

With this service:

- Auditing in accordance with the current tax legislation and uniform chart of accounts

- Accounting and tax errors detected during this audit

- Correcting these errors, fulfilling the needs and elimination of major penalties that may be caused by not rectifying these errors on time

- Organizing reports within the statuary period

- Preparing the Full Certification Report

In this context, relevant reports are prepared within the statuary period. These are:

- Value Added Tax Return and Certification Reports

- Detection Reports on Payment of the Capital

- Detection Reports of Internal Resources to be Added to Capital

- Special Consumption Tax Certification Reports

- Capital Increase Reports

- R & D Expenditure Certification Reports

- Other Specific Purpose Certification Transaction Reports

Services Related to Indirect Taxes:

Indirect taxes directly affect the cash flow and costs of institutions. Therefore, these vital taxes are of great importance when making operational decisions.

These taxes are:

- Value Added Tax

- Private Consumption Tax

- Customs Tariff

- Environment Tax

- Stamp Tax

- Special Communication Tax

- Bank and Insurance Transactions Tax

- Other Indirect Taxes

Our experts actively contribute to a solving the problems related to the above taxes by analyzing the needs and problems of the customer.

Tax Dispute Services:

In our country, the constan change in the fiscal legislation, makes the tax legislation mor ecomplicated than ever. Thus, it causes dispute between taxpayers and tax administration and impose additional taxes and penalties. These disputes may arise during the administrative audit or during the involvement of the taxpayer with the administration. It may cause undesired consequences for the taxpayer. In such cases, AND YEMİNLİ MALİ MÜŞAVİRLİK VE BAĞIMSIZ DENETİM A.Ş provide the following tax consultancy and information services to taxpayers regarding tax disputes:

- Preparation of documents and documentation related to tax inspections, examination of the minutes

- Examining the need for reconciliation or litigation and all kinds of consultancy services related to these processes

- Consultancy on reconciliation,

- In case of tax disputes; preparation of reconciliation commissions and court applications and petitions,

- Consultancy services directed at the preparation of ruling applications, analysis and interpretation of results


Independent Auditing and Reporting:

Yearly and interim period auditing and reporting services of companies, who are public, close corporation or who plan to go public by CMB law No: 6362 and Turkish Code of Commerce numbered 6102 along with auditing, reporting and compatibility of financial statements within the scope of  International Accounting Standards and Turkey Accounting Standards.


Transfer Pricing Services:


- Review and determination of related person and related risks

- Re-establishment of the model within the legal framework considering the mentioned risks

- Price or price determination within the scope of Arm's Lenght Principle (benchmark study)

- Compilation, documentation and reporting of the studies within the framework of the applicable legislation


Value Added Tax Returns:

It is known that delivery and services carried out in Turkey are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). However, VAT Law No. 3065 allows returning the amount of value added tax to taxpayers in some cases. Value Added Tax, paid in Turkey due to the activities subject to VAT exception may be reimbursed from the tax office with respect to the Certified Public Accountant Reports prepared as a result of the sub-company evaluations, cross auditing and evaluations.

In these cases, our company takes all necessary actions related to the reimbursement of the VAT by the tax office as soon as possible, in accordance with the Reports of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) prepared as a result of the examinations. In addition, deferment and withdrawal of transactions made within the scope of internal processing authorization certificate and VAT refund transactions arising from other exceptions are also included in our service portfolio.

All kinds of consultancy services regarding VAT refund are provided by Certified Public Accountants, Independent Accountants and Auditors who are assigned in this department. Our company provides fast and exact sub-contractor examination determination, opposing examinations and analytical evaluations for the accuracy of the full certification processes that will be carried out as a result of full certification evaluations.


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OTHER Tax Services:

AND YEMİNLİ MALİ MÜŞAVİRLİK VE BAĞIMSIZ DENETİM A.Ş. also offer the following services:

- Determining Risks regarding Taxes (Tax due diligence)

- Evaluation of the results connected to these risks

- Introducing alternatives to purchasing methods considering tax advantages

- Providing tax support to interested parties at the time of purchase

- Tax consultancy and tax planning after purchase

- Global tax consultancy for international purchase

- Project tax consultancy for business partnerships and consortium

Our Services for European Union Programs and Projects:

Our company, who carried out various auditing ativities for the European Comission, is able to provide the below services with its expert and auditor portfolio and with its powerful strategic partner network formed by international and national companies, who has the sufficient experience and capacity about the subject, for program and projects that are financed in accordance with the signed financing agreements, which are within the scope of DIS and IPA structures in line with financial cooperation prepared by the European Comission.

- Grant and Procurement Management

- Project Development, Implementation and Management

-Project Financing

- Consulting for industry-specific programs and projects

- Project and program based monitoring and evaluation

- Disbursment Compliance audit for Grant Projects

- Disbursment Compliance audit of service projects

- Project and Program supervision

- Project and program impact analysis and activity auditing

- All trainings on the subjects above


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